Pre-schools and playgroups provide care for two and half to six hours a day during the school term.

Pre-schools and playgroups are for children aged 2 to 5.

All pre-schools and playgroups that are registered to receive the Nursery Education Grant are regularly inspected by Ofsted.

Wrap-around care is ideal for children aged 3 and 4 who attend school for half a day.

Some playgroups can either care for your child in the morning, take them to school in the afternoon, or pick them up from school and care for them until you pick them up

Contact the Family Information Service for more information.

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Ofsted inspections

All preschools and playgroups are regularly inspected by Ofsted (Office for standards in education).

The Ofsted inspector writes a report which includes information about the setting, a comment about how good the care is, what is being done well, what needs to be improved, and details of any complaints received.

The preschool or playgroup has to provide you with a copy of this report if you ask for it.