If you or a member of your family are having difficulty getting around your home due to a physical disability, sensory impairment or old age, you can request an assessment for equipment and adaptations to make it easier for you to live independently.


If you're a First Choice Homes tenant, please contact:

  • Tel: 0161 393 7117  (option 2).

If you are a Housing Association tenant, please contact your landlord in the first instance for consideration of any requests for adaptations.

For everyone else, please contact the Community Occupational Therapy Team:

About the assessment

The Duty Occupational Therapist will ask you questions to get a clearer picture of the difficulties that you are having (e.g. bathing, climbing stairs, or transferring from a chair to a bed), advise you about eligibility, and tell you about other services that may be available.

You will be advised if you need to bring any information to your assessment.

An appointment is made for you between Monday and Friday 9.00am – 4.00pm.

The assessment is at the Link Centre at 140 Union Street - but home assessments are possible for exceptional circumstances.

There may be a delay before an assessment can be made - you will be advised how long you may have to wait.

If you cannot provide adaptations yourself and need the assistance of the Council there may be a wait for equipment and adaptations due to demand.

The Community Occupational Therapy team advises the Council and housing providers on the urgency of your needs.