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Some My Account services will be unavailable until 5 March, while we calculate the annual Council Tax bills and Housing Benefit awards for 2024/25. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Further information

The LABC Warranties offer competitive products for speculative residential housing, social housing and self build.

For a quote, contact LABC.

LABC New Home Warranty

The New Home Warranty caters for speculative developers and builders covering conversions, new build and mixed use developments.

The product recognises and rewards quality projects with competitive premiums and market-leading terms.

Service and support is fast and seamless with an experienced and dedicated customer service team.

LABC Social Housing Warranty

A competitive tailored solution covering shared-ownership, rented or key worker accommodation projects.

Quality is rewarded with the same advantages given to speculative developers.

Cover can be provided for either a 10 or 12 year period.

LABC Self Build Warranty

Designed specifically for individuals building their homes - both new build and conversions - to provide peace of mind.

Quality is rewarded through competitive premiums and excellent service.