Do you need to apply?

You do need to apply for approval for:

  • Construction of a new masonry chimney
  • Removal or part removal of chimney breast (it may be necessary to employ a structural engineer to determine the type of structural support necessary).

You do not need to apply for approval for:

The construction of new metal chimneys or flues (or the replacement of flue linings) if your installer is a member of an applicable ‘Competent Person’ or ‘Self-Certification’ scheme.


For some Full Plans applications, part of the fee is payable upon submission of the application and the other part is invoiced for, after the first inspection by Building Control officers. This is dependent on the work category and is shown within the charges information.

For domestic premises (only), a Building Notice application may be submitted. The fee for that type of application is payable upon submission.

Domestic premises:

Please contact Building Control regarding fees:


Please contact the Building Control team for a copy of the application form you require via email or by phone:

Domestic premises - flue lining

A Building Notice can be used for flue lining work.

Detailed plans are not usually required.

The work is checked for compliance as it progresses on site.

If any of the work does not comply, it would be necessary to correct it.

Non-domestic premises

Non-domestic work must use the Full Plans form: