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Further information

Butler Green and Medlock Court offer short periods of rehabilitation as part of the Enablement pathway. 

Butler Green has 28 clinically enhanced beds where patients are admitted for short term rehabilitation and have nursing needs. 

Medlock Court offer 32 enablement beds where rehabilitation is offered from care and therapy staff. The service offers a holistic assessment including input from a social worker to ensure all care needs are considered. 

The service has a range of specialist health and social care provisions. This includes the IV service. Nurses will attend patients home to offer IV antibiotics in the community or clinic setting.

Community nursing, Allied Health Professional staff and Enablement staff provide a team of urgent response staff to respond to people in crisis within their own homes. The team will assess the individuals in their own homes and provide an environmental assessment. 

The purpose of the team is to support people in their own home and work with them through the episode of crisis with the aim of improving their functional ability to return to their usual independence level. 

The services are non-chargeable for the episode of care received.  

Referral into the services can be: Self-Referral, GP, Community Health or Social Care staff.

Via Butler Green on 0161 716 2855 or 0161 716 2853.