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Further information

The reablement service helps you regain your independence after a period of illness, or the onset of a disability, or any other circumstances where you need short term support to continue to live at home.

Reablement support workers will work with you to rebuild independence, skills and confidence - encouraging you to do things for yourself with the minimum of support rather than relying on others.

Who is it for?

The reablement service is for adults over 18 who are resident in Oldham.

You will be eligible for the reablement service if:

  • you are over 18 and resident in Oldham
  • it was identified at your needs assessment that you may benefit from a reablement service, or
  • you are eligible under the Fair Access to Care (FAC) criteria and would benefit from a reablement service
  • you do not require hospital admission or intermediate care but who needs intensive assistance to boost your independence and confidence and
  • who are able to participate in a reablement programme and have agreed to be referred to the reablement service

How long does reablement last?

This will depend on your individual needs, but generally speaking it is a short-term service lasting up to six weeks.

While you are using the service you will be encouraged to review your progress and set yourself goals on a weekly basis with the support of our staff.

The service could end sooner than six weeks depending on your progress.

What kind of support is available?

For some people it could be help making meals, while others may need help to get out of the house and take part in social activities.Your visits will be delivered within a two hour period, these can be for 30 mins to an hour examples being, anytime between 8-10am and / or 4-6pm, the frequency and estimated time of visits’ will be included within your plan.

Our qualified staff will work with you to design a service that will work best for you.

What happens at the end of the service?

Your progress will be assessed by a care manager to find out if you have any further needs. We hope the intensive support you have received will mean you need less support, or even no support, to live independently.

Some people may need longer-term support after the service has ended. After your needs are assessed, your long-term support is planned and put into place. This could be an individual budget, homecare provided by one our partners, or services from our voluntary sector partners.

If you still need help after six weeks, we will help you plan a package of support that meets your needs, and we will carry out a financial assessment to see if we can make a contribution to the cost of your support.


For inpatient referrals contact the Hospital Social Work Department on 0161 627 8650.

For community-based referrals, contact the Adult Duty Intervention Service on 0161 770 7777.