2. Introducing the After Care Team

The After Care Team provide support, advice and guidance to young people who are in care or who have left care and are aged 16 – 21 years (up to 25 years if in education or training and up to 25 if the support services are required

Who is a care leaver?

The level of support you will receive depends on your legal status as a care leaver. Your legal status will fall into one of the following groups:

  • Eligible young person - Someone who is aged 16 or 17 who has been in care for at least 13 weeks since the age of 14, and were in care on their 16th birthday and who is still looked after.
  • Relevant young person – Someone aged 16 or 17 who has been in care for at least 13 weeks since the age of 14 and who has left care.
  • Former relevant young person – Someone aged over 18 who was previously in the ‘eligible’ or ‘relevant’ groups. Former relevant children will receive support until at least 21 or up to 25 if they are in education or training.
  • Qualifying young person- Any young person aged between 16 and 21 years who has left care but who was in care on, or after, their 16th birthday and had spent less than 13 weeks in care since the age of 14. This includes young people under 25 who are in education or training.

How do I get support?

When you are 16 your social worker will undertake an after care assessment with you. This is an assessment of all the skills you have, as well as the things that you may need to learn to enable you to eventually live independently.

If you have left care and would like support, please call the After Care Team:

and we will arrange an assessment to see how we can help you.

The assessment will be used to develop a pathway plan with you. Your pathway plan will contain details of what support you can expect and any skills that you need to develop.

If you are cared for as a young person supported by the Children Disability Team, your worker will remain the same, completing your pathway plan until the transition to adult services.

What support do we offer?

  • Education, employment and training - we can advise you and help you access support around employment, education and training
  • Accommodation– we can help you find accommodation that best suits you needs.
  • Health and wellbeing – we can help you access health services like doctors, dentists and opticians. We can also advise you about accessing support around emotional health, relationships, sexual education and screening and drug misuse service if required.
  • Financial support – we can help you open a bank account and access the financial support you are entitled to. We can also offer advice around how to handle your money and budgeting.
  • Family and social - we can offer help and support around contact with your family.
  • Practical Support – we offer practical advice such as decorating your flat, applying for benefits, how to shop on a budget and how to cook cheap healthy meals.

The above list is only an example of the kind of things that we are often asked about. Everyone’s needs are different, so if you need help with anything else please just ask.