Coronavirus guidance

Meet outside rather than inside where possible. Keep 2 metres apart from people that you don’t live with. Minimise travel in and out of affected areas. Get tested twice a week and isolate if positive

Coronavirus guidance

1. Governor Support Service SLA 2021/22

Oldham Council offers a range of services to support school governing bodies to function effectively.  This is known as the Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Advantages for school governing bodies/boards

  • Access to GovernorHub, a modern digital platform that holds your school and governing board information and membership in one place that can be accessed at any time (24/7).
  • Services are provided with access to trained and experienced staff.
  • Support to schools with statutory compliance around governance.
  • Governors have easy access to their governing board meetings calendars and documents that are all stored in one place on GovernorHub.
  • Governor Support Service will ensure that appropriate updated and new legislation, statutory guidance, central government and council procedure guidelines are shared with schools and governors in a timely manner through termly agendas, regular targeted updates and through GovernorHub.
  • High-quality advice, training and clerking support for the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole governing board.
  • Effective governing boards provide the best support to schools in raising pupil achievement.
  • Access to up to date information at any time on GovernorHub and the Oldham governor webpage.
  • Ability to access e-learning and online personal development.

What do we expect from you (school governing body)

  • Encourage your governors to complete their registration on GovernorHub as soon as they are appointed.
  • To complete DBS forms for all new governors within 21 days of them taking up their governor post and to update GovernorHub immediately and the school’s single central record (SCR) with the governors DBS number and date.
  • To ensure all governors complete the online prevent training (e-learning) and to ask them to update their training record and GovernorHub Prevent declaration.
  • To update and sign an annual code of conduct for governors uploaded to GovernorHub
  • To complete Section 128 direction checks for existing and new governors.
  • The Chair of Governors to attend the termly Chairs Briefing and professional development sessions.
  • A realistic time frame in which to provide any element of the service.
  • Full Governing Board (FGB) meeting dates to be set in advance for 18 months and no FGB meetings to take place within the first four weeks of the start of each term.
  • The Governor Support Service have a duty to ensure that governors receive their agenda’s and documents electronically on GovernorHub at least seven days prior to the date of the FGB meeting, and therefore will require the relevant documents from schools no later than fourteen working days before the date of the meeting to ensure that this requirement is met.
  • To be kept informed of membership details of the governing board including terms of office.
  • To be kept informed of membership details of committee meetings.
  • To be kept informed of lead governor responsibilities.
  • To keep governors’ details updated on GovernorHub, the school’s website and DfE’s national governors database - ‘Get information about Schools’ (GIAS) website.
  • To appoint a Link Governor – Governor Induction, Training and Mentoring who will support and ensure that new governors access GovernorHub, induction training and other relevant training.
  • To encourage all governors to attend governor training throughout the year.
  • To encourage all governors to access information on GovernorHub.
  • To encourage governors to participate in personal and professional development.
  • To complete an annual skills audit for individual governors and share the completed skills matrix to identify areas for training and development for your governing board.
  • To actively promote and fill all governor vacancies at your school.
  • To monitor and feedback on the services that are provided.
  • The Chair of Governors to check the minutes for accuracy before they are issued to the FGB.
  • The Chair of Governors to set the FGB agenda