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Alley gating is a crime prevention method that directly tackles burglar, fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour by restricting access to the rear of terraced houses.

Lockable metal gates are erected at strategic points, allowing unrestricted access to the residents while keeping out criminals and troublemakers.

Residents do not have to pay for alley gates.

Gating orders

Gating orders restrict access to public rights of way to assist in the reduction of crime or anti-social behaviour.


Why use alley gates?

  • Three out of four burglars access terraced homes from the back of the property
  • Alley gates deter other forms of nuisance (e.g. vandalism, drug dealing, dog fouling)
  • Children have a safe place to play

Who looks after them?

Once the gates have been fitted and the keys handed over, residents are expected to maintain the alleyways.

The gates remain the property of Oldham Council.

How many people have keys?

All of the residents affected by the alley gates will receive keys. There is one key per household, and residents can get more keys cut for anyone else living in their house.