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Programmes for particular offenders

Offenders who pose the highest risk to the public are intensively managed by a team of probation, police, and drug and alcohol staff and other agencies.

High risk offenders are closely monitored. They are given opportunities to turn their lives around but swift action is taken against those who reject the chance to change.

Community Payback

Community Payback is a punishment given to offenders as part of their sentence.

Offenders literally pay back the community by carrying out hard, physical work.

The work can be:

  • Building maintenance
  • Graffiti removal
  • Improvements to park and community facilities.
  • Street clean-ups

Report an area that needs improving:

  • Phone Oldham Community Payback Unit on 0161 620 4421

Drug and alcohol treatment

For every £1 spent on treating offenders with drug or alcohol problems, £9 is saved with a reduction of crime in the community.

Offenders with drug and alcohol abuse problems have access to effective treatment and support to help them reintegrate, find work, suitable accommodation and lead drug free lives.

Support is also available to offenders’ families.

There are no waiting lists for locally based services.