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Recycling Centres can be used free of charge for waste and recycling from your home.

This includes waste from the normal day–to–day household activities and DIY projects.

The Household Waste Recycling Centre which is based in Oldham is

Removal of height restriction at Arkwright Street waste and recycling centre

The height restriction barriers have been removed from Arkwright Street household waste recycling centre for a trial period until the end of September. 

This allows all residents regardless of the height of their vehicle to use the HWRCs to dispose of their household waste and recycling.

Previously, any resident driving a vehicle higher than 2 metres must use one of 7 Transfer Loading Stations (which are used mainly by council vehicles delivering household waste and recycling, traders and charities with a free tip permit) to deposit their household waste.

More than 11,000 permits have now been issued to residents across Greater Manchester with vans and/or twin axle trailers.  This reduction in traders trying to illegally use the HWRCs allows SUEZ to trial the removal of the height restrictions allowing all residents to use the sites. It is hoped that this will also drive up the recycling rates and provide an improved service for those residents who have had to use a transfer loading station previously,

The process for hire vans remains the same – residents must apply for a permit BEFORE they hire the van. Once approved, they must show their QR code (permit) and hire documents to the SUEZ operative on site. 

Neighbouring Household Waste Recycling Centres are:

Household Waste Visits 

  • Cars can visit up to 52 times a year (a year runs from 1 April – 31 March)
  • Vans under 2 metres will also be allowed access for residents to bring their household waste.
  • Vans under 3.5 tonnes can visit 18 times a year

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and CCTV is in place across all sites to monitor vehicle visits and there is strictly no trade waste accepted.

Trade Waste

Trade waste isn’t accepted through the household waste recycling centres.

Any traders wanting to bring their waste should use the weighbridges at the recycling centres.

A new contactless payment system is being introduced for traders who do not have an account at the recycling centres, and PPE must be worn at all times.

Vans and twin axle trailers

If you wish to use a van, hire van, pickup truck, or twin axle trailer to take your household waste to a household waste recycling centre, then you need to apply for a permit before you visit. 

Apply for a permit

Oldham’s Renew shop is OPEN

You can buy preloved items at affordable prices at three Recycle For Greater Manchester recycling centres including at Arkwright Street in Oldham.

The shops stock a wide variety of homeware, garden furniture, toys, sports equipment, books and more.

Items have been donated by residents, cleaned and repaired before being handpicked by staff to be included in the shops.

Renew shop logo