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When to put out and take bins in

All bins must be put out by 7am on your collection day and taken back in by 8am the day after collection.

Bins should not be put out any earlier than 6pm the day before collection.

If you are not sure which day your bins are collected:

or contact us to ask for a collection calendar.

Where to put your bin

Bins from terraced houses should be put out for emptying at the end of the alleyway collection point.

Food caddies are the only containers that should be put at the front of your property.

Bins from non-terraced houses should be put out for emptying at the front of the property.

If you have a question about your collection point:

How to put your bins out

Bin collection

Please note, that we will not be able to empty your bin if:

  • It was not put out for collection by 7am on your collection day
  • Collection crews recorded your bin was not out for collection
  • Your missed collection was not reported within 2 working days
  • The wrong things were in the bin

Accessibility for Crews

Where possible, please make sure that crews are able to access the streets.

Particularly for narrow streets where parked cars could cause issues. If possible, please park so that crews can easily gain access on collection day. 

Help to put your bins out

If you need help putting your bins out we can help: