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Social housing is housing which is provided for rent or sale at a fairly low cost by housing associations and local councils.

It is let on a secure basis to households who are most in need. 

Most of the social housing in Oldham is owned by housing associations and a small proportion (2,000) by the Oldham Council. 

How does the application process work?

To access social housing in Oldham you must register with Oldham Council by completing the Housing Options Application Form. 

Properties are generally allocated to the applicant who:

  • Bids on the property
  • Is in the greatest housing need

Sometimes properties are allocated based on factors other than need, these are clearly explained in the allocations scheme

Apply for social housing

Housing Options Application Form

Search for social housing (bid on a property)

Once you have registered for social housing and your application is live please use our property search to bid for properties.

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