About Gambling

Gambling harms are the negative effects that happen to someone after gambling. They can affect any and every aspect of life - mental and physical health, money, relationships, education, or work.

You might be a loved one or close to someone harmed by gambling and feeling the effects too. It’s important to know that it’s not their fault or yours. The gambling industry has designed addictive products that make people want to gamble and keep gambling.

There are many impacts

Knowing what to look for in someone who may be experiencing harm can be a helpful first step in protecting yourself or someone else. Some signs include:

  • Feeling anxious, down, or depressed.
  • Being stressed or irritable.
  • Not sleeping well.
  • Having thoughts of suicide or previous suicide attempts.
  • Gambling or thinking about gambling often.
  • Not being able to stop gambling, despite wanting to.

If you think any of these things are happening, you might benefit from some extra help.

Help is available

Asking for help can be hard, particularly if you’ve asked before and not received the understanding you need.

But you are not alone and we are here to support you and those you care about with free and confidential advice from specialists who have helped other people like you.

Help in Oldham

Access peer support at:

Counselling and support for gambling:

The NHS Northern Gambling Service

If you think gambling could be affecting you, the NHS has clinics specifically to help. They’re easy to access and confidential. The team will provide you with information and support at every step.

The NHS clinics are specialist services that provide therapy and recovery support to people affected by gambling addiction.

Some, including the NHS Northern Gambling Service, also support those close to people with a gambling addiction, such as family, partners, and carers.

Visit the NHS Northern Gambling website to find out more and to contact them:

Other support

Chapter One provides more information about gambling and support available, including how to block gambling products and how gambling can impact people. Visit the Chapter One website to find more services that can support you: