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Many adults are able to live independently with support from a range of different sources such as your GP, the NHS, and local voluntary and community services.

Some adults will have needs that benefit from the support of universal services at key points in life. Examples of universal services include information and advice services.


Some adults may have needs that could benefit from the support of preventative and enablement services at key times in their life. Preventative and enablement services aim to support adults to develop or regain skills, abilities, build social networks and resilience, which support wellbeing, safety, and independence.

Do you think you or a person you know would benefit from the support of preventative services? 

If you would like to know more please follow the links below to find out what support is available and how to make contact.

Your health Oldham

Support and advice to help you improve your health.

Positive Steps

The Early Intervention and Prevention service for Oldham residents provides support for whole families as well as individual adults and adult-only households.

Focused care

A long-term resource available to GP teams working with the most vulnerable and hard to engage households across Greater Manchester.

Age UK Oldham

Offers a range of support, activities and events, to help ensure people have the opportunities to age well and love later life.

Mind Oldham

Offering a range of services including training, counselling, and short-term monitoring activities.

Action Together

Oldham Social Prescribing connects you to community groups, activities, and organisations that could support you to improve your health, wellbeing, and social connections.

or assistance to find local peer support and self-help

Helpline and response service

This gives our customers the freedom to live independently and enjoy the comforts of their own home, safe in the knowledge that help, advice or reassurance can be provided quickly in an emergency situation.