Oldham Council provides support to people who need help with managing their finances. To be eligible for support you must meet certain criteria and lack mental capacity to make decisions about your finances.

What support is available?

Depending on your circumstances we may be able to be appointed as an Appointee or a Deputy to help you manage your finances. The Court of Protection Team provides this support to vulnerable adults across Oldham.


You may be able to use an Appointeeship if you:

  • Claim benefits
  • Have difficulty managing money on a day-to-day basis
  • There is a risk of people taking advantage of you and taking your money
  • It is difficult to get to the bank and no one else can go for you

Before deciding if an Appointeeship is the right choice, you will have a needs assessment. Your social worker will discuss the options with you and make a referral if it is appropriate and in your best interest.

If the Court of Protection Team is appointed they will:

  • Set up appropriate banking arrangements
  • Draw up a budget
  • Pay your bills
  • Plan for future spend, such as holidays or furniture
  • Make sure you have enough money for day-to-day needs
  • Monitor your money
  • Deal with benefits payments

You will have a named Court of Protection Officer who will work with your care manager and you to manage your money.

Court of Protection

If your savings and belongings are valued at over £16,000 an officer in the Court of Protection Team would be made Deputy of the Court and act on your behalf under the supervision of the Court.


For both the Appointeeship and Deputyship there is a charge for these services.

Appointeeship charges are:

  • £5.80 per week for residential and nursing care service users
  • £11.70 per week for community-based service users
  • An administration charge to end the Appointeeship of £371.00

The Court of Protection sets out the charges for Deputyship. You can access more information on these charges at https://www.gov.uk/court-of-protection

Contact details

If you think an Appointeeship or Deputyship would be appropriate for you or someone you care for please contact your social worker who will discuss your options with you.