Care homes may be the best option if you or someone you know cannot live at home safely.

This may be on a permanent basis, for a short stay or respite. 

You may be able to get help paying for the cost of living in a care home. 

To see if you qualify for help to pay, you will need a financial assessment.

The financial assessment will ask questions about your income, any savings you have and any expenses you have to pay.

Request an assesment

If you would like to speak to someone about financial assessments please email the Client Finance Team:

Working out what you will have to pay 

  • If you have savings or assets over £23,250 you will have to pay the full cost of your services
  • If you have savings or assets under £23,250 you could qualify for help to pay for your care

Paying towards the services you receive 

There is a maximum amount that Oldham Council will pay for a residential care or a nursing home and your social worker will discuss these details with you. 

If the care home you choose costs more than this amount, your relatives or friends must pay the difference.

This is called a “third party top-up”.

Continuing Health Care

If you have complex, ongoing health care needs, the NHS may pay for some or all of your care.

What if I don't want a financial assessment? 

If you choose not to have a financial assessment you will be asked to pay the maximum charge for the services you receive. 

You can ask for an assessment at any point if you change your mind.

Deprivation of assets 

You must not give away any of your income, savings, investments, property or any other assets in order to avoid paying social care charges.

If you do, we will assume you still have them when working out what you should pay.