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A new Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan – one that would not include daily charges for drivers – has been proposed.

Unlike the previous charging Clean Air Zone scheme, which was set up following government direction, the new plan seeks to address the cost-of-living crisis, while improving the health of residents by cutting the amount of dirty air people breath in.

It also takes into account the impact of the Covid pandemic on supply chains and supports ongoing recovery.

The new approach is set out in the ‘Case for a new Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan’, which includes:

  • Evidence that economic conditions have got worse since the previous Clean Air Plan was agreed in summer 2021, with businesses and families now dealing with the cost-of-living crisis, soaring inflation and high vehicle fuel costs.
  • Proposals to give owners of specific vehicles such as HGVs and Taxis, financial support so they can upgrade to cleaner and greener vehicles.
  • A proposal to work with the Government to agree the use of ANPR cameras to help identify vehicles that could be upgraded, and also those potentially used in crimes.

The 10 Greater Manchester local authorities submitted the new plan to the government in July so it can be looked at.

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