This was originally introduced as an ornamental plant but is now common and widespread across the UK.

It is an offence to plant or otherwise cause Japanese knotweed to grow in the wild.

Land owners are responsible for its control, however it is not an offence for it to be on their land.

Japanese Knotweed is classified as controlled waste and must only be transported by licensed carriers who are able to produce transport receipts and tipping receipts from licensed sites.

Trying to remove or dispose of Japanese Knotweed yourself could cause the plant to spread, which is an offence. It usually takes 3 years to treat. The plant although does not appear present all through the year will reoccur until effectively treated and managed.

It is recommended that you seek advice from contractors registered and accredited by:

If you are worried about Japanese Knotweed spreading from a neighbouring property, speak to the land owner in the first instance.  If resolving the issue with your neighbour fails, and the Knotweed has spread to your land and is causing you a nuisance you can seek legal advice.

Further information

Contact the Environment Agency
03708 506 506