In the first instance the owner will be informed of the extent of remedial works required. Failure to execute the works within a specified time period may lead to the Council taking legal action in the interests of public safety. In extreme circumstances the Council can invoke emergency powers to require the building or structure to be made safe or demolished immediately.

The Local Authority are permitted to recover the costs associated with any such measures undertaken in an emergency from the owner of the building.

If any building or structure is considered to be in a dangerous condition, Building Control Officers are responsible for ensuring that the danger is removed to protect occupiers and the general public.

We have a 24-hour call-out system for dangerous buildings. If any possible danger is observed please telephone 0161 770 4122/ 4175 or out of office hours, the First Response Team on 0161 770 2222

Please contact the Environmental Health Team where:

A building is open to access to the ground floor and can be accessed by unauthorised persons, you do not know the owner, or the owner has refused to secure the building.

A garage/outbuilding is in a very poor state of repair and there is concern that the garage/outbuilding will fall down, putting people at risk.

To notify of demolitions contact the Legal Team:

  • Phone: 0161 770 4863 

This is to ensure that the necessary conditions are in place to protect people and the environment.