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The council's Animal Warden Service deals with stray animals.

Any animals straying onto the highway, or injured in an accident, must be reported to the police on:

  • Phone 101, or if it is an emergency call 999


A stray dog is as any dog unaccompanied by its owner (or other authorized person) that is in a public place or in a place it is not permitted to be.

Dogs collected at night may be kept overnight at the Animal Wardens Kennels.

  • Phone: 0161 334 0042

The following day will be dropped off at Manchester Dogs Home if the legal owner cannot be traced:

  • Phone: 0844 504 1212

There is a fee for the Animal Wardens to return your dog, all owners will also require 2 forms of identification.

If your dog is put in a kennel you must claim it within 7 days of being seized and pay kennel costs and a fixed fee of £25 (see kennelling fees below).

If your dog is not claimed it will be re-homed.

If a dog is seriously ill, injured or is very aggressive, it may be destroyed.

No healthy dog is destroyed.

Injured or sick dogs will be taken to a vet.

The dog will stay at the vet until it is fit enough to go to a kennel. 

The legal owner of the dog will be responsible for any vet fees incurred.

Reporting a contained stray dog

If you are reporting a contained stray dog please call Animal Wardens

Kennelling costs

  • Collection from Manchester Dogs Home: £70 + £5 per day

Payment by invoice may be arranged at the dogs home but total cost would include an extra fee (total cost: £129)

Other pet animals

The Animal Warden will seize any other stray pet animal after a reasonable request from a member of the public.

The animal will be assessed to see if there is any danger to the public or to prevent any undue suffering to the animal.

Wild animals

The Animal Warden will not seize any wild indigenous animals.

The exception to this would be if the animal was severely injured or suffering unduly from any illness. Any non-indigenous will be treated as per other pet animals.

to report a stray animal please contact the Animal Wardens:


Under the Animals Act 1971 the landowner may impound any livestock that have strayed onto their land.

The animals are only returned to their owners after payment for any damages and expenses incurred.

If known, the owner of the animal must be informed that the animal has strayed, giving details of where it can be collected within a stated time period and subject to payment for any damage caused and expense incurred.

The police must be notified of the straying animal and informed that the landowner intends to impound it.

The animal must be returned, on satisfactory proof of ownership and the payment for any damage caused and expense incurred.

If any animal has not been claimed after 14 days it may be sold (subject to any movement licensing / passport requirements).

If the owner appears after this time and produces satisfactory proof of ownership, any monies received must be given to the owner less the cost of any damage caused and expense incurred.