When you enrol with Lifelong Learning we can tell you about the various childcare support options available to you.  

Lifelong Learning may be able to provide financial support to access a nursery or childminder whilst you attend your course.

For further information contact: 

Stella Roberts
Oldham Library and Lifelong Learning Centre
T: 0161 770 8266
M: 07753 716 748
E: stella.roberts@oldham.gov.uk 

Discretionary Learner Support Fund (DLSF)

Discretionary Learner Support Funds are allocated to the Lifelong Learning Service to assist learners who are participating in our courses.

If you are in financial hardship and need some financial support in relation to your course(s), you can apply to our Discretionary Learner Support Fund.

If you’re aged 19 or over, on a further education course, you could get Learner Support.

You can apply to Oldham Lifelong Learning for Learner Support, and how much you will receive, will depend on your individual circumstances. You will be asked to provide evidence of any hardship.

The fund can help pay for things like:

  • Course fees (where not already waived at point of enrolment)
  • Examination/accreditation costs (including exam postage)
  • Buying books
  • Buying specialist equipment
  • IT & Digital Equipment
  • Internet and Wi Fi packages 
  • Childcare costs
  • Travel costs
  • An advisor will be able to support you with this process.

Phone: 0161 770 8030 for details.

Forms are available at all our centres or can be emailed to you. If you have already started your course please speak to your tutor.