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Support for learners with additional needs

Our experienced Learning Support Team can help you to access our curriculum offer, ensuring that you have an equal opportunity to study, learn and achieve your potential.

How to access learning support

You can make a request for learning support at any time:

Prior to enrolment: You can ask about learning support at any of our centres or contact the Learning Support Team

At enrolment: Tick the learning support request box on the enrolment form. You will then be asked to complete a Learning Support Request Form where you can tell us about your personal learning needs. There are members of the Learning Support Team at every enrolment session and we will be happy to help you complete your request for support.

When you have started a course: You may find that you would like some support. You can speak to your tutor or contact the Learning Support Team

Examples of Learning Support

We offer a person-centered approach to meet your learning needs which could include:

  • Building confidence
  • Adaptive equipment and technology
  • Support for learners with mobility differences
  • Support for learners with sensory impairment
  • Note-taking or material adaptation                 
  • Readers and scribes

Learning Support Assistants in classes – 1:1 or small group

  • Special examination arrangements
  • Support with study skills – both in and out of the course session times

How can Learning Support help?

Supported learners comments

  • ‘The learning support worker explains things in a way I understand. I certainly will be progressing onto further IT classes when this one ends, it's been amazing’.
  • ‘Having a learning support worker has given me the confidence to do things that I would never have dreamed of doing before.
  • ‘When the tutor explains what the class needs to do, the information tends to go in my head but then disappears quickly, so LSW breaks down the tutor instructions into easy-to-understand chunks'. 
  • ‘I have had different support workers as I have been attending English and maths. All the learning support workers I have had since starting at Oldham LLL, have all been really kind and welcoming. They all make me feel really relaxed and have made my learning really enjoyable'.
  • 'The learning support worker helps him with his speaking and listening in his ESOL class, he does find it hard to understand the tutor sometimes and they explain things in a different way so he can understand'.
  • ‘A special thanks to my Support Worker for the individual attention, encouragement and confidence building I received.’
  • ‘Much better since I had a support worker.’