Performance indicators and statistics

Performance tables show how your local school compares.

You can compare with levels of performance in schools elsewhere, and with average levels in the local education authorities and across the country as a whole.

The tables cannot give a complete picture of a school, but they do provide a guide to how well a school or college is doing.

What to look for

The best guide to school performance is progress. Progress shows how much children improve during their time at school. 

In primary schools, this is at the end of KS2 when progress is given for reading writing, and maths.

In secondary school, progress is measured by comparing KS2 results to their KS4 (GCSE) results and expressed as a Progress 8 score. A Progress 8 score above 0 shows that the school is adding more value to their pupils.

When looking into which school you would like your child to attend, we would recommend considering the ethos of the school as well as results, which can never give a full picture taken alone.

Ofsted inspection reports