The Schools Forum has an advisory role in decisions about school funding and budgets.

Meetings are open to the public - but you can only ask questions or participate in the discussions if asked to do so by the Chair.

Oldham Schools Forums has been set up under the requirements of The Schools Forums (England 2012).

Proposed Meeting Dates 2017-18

Meeting resources

About the Oldham Schools Forum

Under regulations, a local authority must consult its Schools Forum on a range of issues:

  • School funding such as changes to the school funding formula
  • Contracts that an authority is letting or re-letting for provision of services to schools
  • Financial arrangements an authority makes for a range of central school budget expenditure such as the provision for pupils with special educational needs, excluded pupils, early years, and administration of grants
  • Exclusions from the Minimum Funding Guarantee
  • De-delegation for mainstream schools
  • Central spend
  • A deficit on central expenditure
  • Scheme for financial management changes

Forum members

The Oldham Schools Forum has twenty members comprising headteachers, governors, diocesan representative, early years representative, 14-19 representative and a trade union representative.


  • Beever Primary School - Greg Oates (Headteacher)
  • Medlock Valley – Linda Zrada  (Headteacher)
  • Harmony Trust – Suzanne Thompson (Finance Director)
  • St Annes Rc Primary School (Diocesan Representative) – Anne Ostermeier (Headteacher)
  • RC Primary School - Peter Moore (Headteacher)
  • St Marys RC Primary School - Mike Aston (Governor)
  • Vacancy - (Governor)


  • Radclyffe School – Hardiel Hayer Maintained (Headteacher)
  • Vacancy - Maintained (Headteacher)
  • The Blue Coat School - Julie Hollis (Academy Headteacher)
  • Crompton House – Leon Ashton (Secondary Academy Governor)
  • Oldham Academy North  - Jo Brownridge (Academy Headteacher representative)
  • Saddleworth School – Brian Lord (Governor)


  • Newbridge School - Graham Quinn (Academy Headteacher)
  • Kingfisher School – Jeremy Sutcliffe (Governor)
  • PRU - Andrea Skelly (Headteacher)

Non-school representatives

  • Iain Windeatt - Trade Union Representative
  • Elaine Fraser - Early Years Representative
  • Bev Beaumont - 14 - 19 Representative