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Latest information and advice

The Wellbeing Service helps local people with disabilities find and keep a job and gives advice about best practice in the recruitment and retention of disabled employees.

Why use The Wellbeing Service?

  • Access to a pool of talented, loyal and skilled candidates
  • Each candidate will be supported to become an independent, productive and valued employee
  • Advice about disability recruitment, equality and diversity in the workplace and the Disability Discrimination Act
  • Information about local and national employment programmes such as “Access to Work” and “Train to Gain”
  • Mentors to help you develop and operate best practices, and match candidates to your job opportunities
  • Support for recruitment, development and retention

Trial or employ a candidate

Get in touch with The Wellbeing Service to trial or employ a candidate.

Candidates will arrive with a tailored development plan designed to effectively integrate them into your team.

The plan identifies the support The Wellbeing Service can provide (e.g. on-the-job coaching and access to funding if workplace adjustments are required).

Progress is regularly monitored and the development plan is reviewed. Support will be withdrawn gradually, but can be re-introduced if necessary.