Coronavirus: New guidance

Meet outside rather than inside where possible. Keep 2 metres apart from people that you don’t live with. Minimise travel in and out of affected areas. Get tested twice a week and isolate if positive

Coronavirus: New guidance

Not all businesses in Oldham are regulated and inspected by us for health and safety. Some types of business premises are enforced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Where appropriate, and in line with the National Local Authority Enforcement Code, the Team will inspect premises to ensure compliance with legislation, respond to complaints about premises or working practices, and investigate reportable accidents. We inspect:

  • Shops and offices
  • hotels
  • leisure premises
  • nurseries and playgroups
  • pubs and clubs
  • places of worship
  • sheltered accommodation and care homes


Although we try to inspect premises at reasonable times the inspector has the authority to enter any work place without giving notice. 

On an inspection the inspector will want to see:

  • the workplace
  • work activities
  • management practices and procedures including some documentation 

The inspector may:

  • talk to employees, their representatives or other people connected with your business activity
  • take photographs
  • take samples.


If an inspector finds a problem or a breach of legislation they may deal with it in one of a number of ways. The action taken will depend on the severity of the breach and will comply with the Corporate Enforcement Policy.

Inspectors will tell employees or their representatives about any action taken or give them information to keep them informed about matters affecting their health, safety and welfare.

The Council aims to work closely with any business to provide a fair and consistent health and safety relationship. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly by our staff and wish to complain please write to:

Principal Environmental Health Officer – Commercial Protection
Chadderton Town Hall
Middleton Road
Oldham OL9 6PP

Independent Regulatory Challenge Panel

The HSE also operate an Independent Regulatory Challenge Panel. if you should remain unhappy after discussing the issue with us.​ The panel will look into issues raised by a business where they believe a HSE or local authority health and safety inspector has given advice that is incorrect or disproportionate. It will not look at issues where other independent appeals processes exist, such as for enforcement notices or prosecutions.