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Caravan sites in Oldham are regulated and inspected using a licensing system compliant with the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960. Standards on any site in Oldham are controlled by conditions attached to a licence.

The reason why the Council controls standards is to avoid the potential harmful impacts on human health and on local environmental quality caused by:

  • Fire spread
  • Poor quality water supplies
  • Inadequate or defective drainage
  • Inadequate or unsafe liquefied petroleum gas appliances used for heating and cooking
  • Inadequate storage and disposal/recycling arrangements for waste
  • Faults in electrical supplies and appliances
  • Inadequate washing facilities
  • Inadequate recreational space

Site density is controlled as is the presence of hard standings for pitches and for the parking of vehicles. Additionally, space must also be available for general site notices to be displayed.

Oldham Council implements conditions based upon the Department of Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) model standards currently recommended for caravan sites. These can differ where sites are used for permanent occupation or for holiday caravans.

Whatever the purpose, caravan sites must already have the necessary planning permission before a licence can be issued.

It is often mistakenly thought that a site licence is a requirement only for large holiday or residential sites. However a single caravan used for residential purposes is likely to require a licence.

Licences are not required where:

  • Caravans are stationed in a garden and used in conjunction with a dwelling house by family members or guests
  • Caravans are used seasonally by agricultural or forestry workers
  • Caravans are stationed on or near building and engineering sites which are used to provide accommodation for workers
  • On sites which are managed by approved exempt organisations of which the Camping and Caravanning Club is one



Organisations wishing to be exempted should contact Sharon Sharpe/Paul Ackers at:

Natural England
Camping and Caravanning Exemptions Team
Ground Floor Zone A
Shaftsbury Road
Cambridge, CB2 8DR
Phone: 01223 533640 or 01223 533562

Tented caravan sites which are intended to operate for more than 42 consecutive days or for more than 60 days in total in any consecutive 12 months can require licensing under Section 269 of the Public Health Act 1936 in addition to holding the necessary Planning Permission.