A skip operator who wishes to place a skip on a highway maintained by Oldham Council must be registered with Oldham Council and have current Public Liability Insurance of at least £5 million.

The operator can then request a permit to place a skip on the highway.

Skip permits can only be issued to operators not individual members of the public.

If you would like to put a skip on the road, you should speak to a skip hire company who will apply for a permit on your behalf. 

We do not normally allow skips to pe placed onto a pavement or a grass verge.

Skips should not be placed on the highway until confirmation that the appropriate documentation and fee have been received and permit actually issued.

Licence summary

To put a builder's skip on a public highway, you need a permit from the highway authority. 

To place a skip on the highway without first applying for and being granted a licence is an offence under The Highways Act and may result in a prosecution.


The skip owner (supplier) has the responsibility to ensure that skips are positioned on the highway in such a way that they do not cause an obstruction to other highway users.

The supplier is responsible for ensuring that all appropriate regulations are adhered to.

It is not the householder or the builders' (contractor) responsibility to obtain the highway permit.

A licence can be valid for any period between 1 day and 28 days.

For longer periods additional applications should be made.

Only one skip will be allowed on site at any one time except in exceptional circumstances.

Wherever possible, skips should be placed on the carriageway.

If permission is granted to place skips on a footway or grass verge, a deposit may be payable to cover any damage which may be caused

Skips placed on the carriageway require at least four traffic cones on the approach side to guide traffic past the skip.

During the hours of darkness, in poor daytime visibility and bad weather, road danger lamps (flashing amber) must be placed against or attached to each corner of the skip.

If sited on the carriageway, a lamp should be placed between each cone.

Skips placed on the highway must not contain any inflammable, explosive or noxious material, or anything which is likely to cause nuisance to highway users.

Contents of the skip must be kept "damped-down", or covered to prevent dust or spillage on the highway.

The skip must not be overloaded and must be removed when full.

Builders skips will not be deposited on footways, grass verges or in passages, as they would interfere with sight lines and cause obstruction to vehicles and pedestrians alike.

They cannot be placed within 15 metres of a junction or on a bend without prior permission from the Traffic Section.

If a licence is granted and it subsequently proves that the skip is located inconveniently, we reserve the right as Highway Authority to have the skip relocated or removed.

Skips should not be placed on waiting restrictions without the proper dispensation being given by the parking department.

Permission may be given subject to conditions which may relate to the following:

  • Siting the skip
  • Skip dimensions
  • Making skips visible to traffic
  • Care and disposal of skip contents
  • Lighting and guarding of skips
  • Skip removal


Companies are invited to go onto our skip register which runs annually.

Once you are on the register you can obtain permits automatically over fax, email.

Your permit will last for a maximum of 28 days from the date of issue.

Companies that are not on the register may still apply for a one-off permit.

Any complaints about the locations or safety of the skips should be reported instantly to the Licensing Team.


  • Registration: £191.40
  • Application: £37.40 (per 28 days)
  • One-off permit for unregistered applications £115.50
  • Retrospective application following officer visit: £122.10

Companies who anticipate making multiple applications, over the course of the year, may wish to purchase annual permissions for skip permits in advance.

Annual permissions:

  • Up to 100 skips: £1,410.20
  • Up to 300 skips: £4,216.30
  • Up to 500 skips: £7,020.20
  • Additional skips after 500: £14.30 each