Complying with the Biodiversity Duty: First Considerations Report

The Environment Act 2021 introduced a strengthened ‘biodiversity duty’ which requires all public authorities in England to consider what they can do to conserve and enhance biodiversity.

Oldham Council as a public authority, must:

  • Consider what we can do to conserve and enhance biodiversity.
  • Agree policies and specific objectives based on our consideration.
  • Act to deliver our policies and achieve our objectives.

There is a need to complete our first consideration of what action Oldham Council intends to take for biodiversity no later than 1 January 2024 – our first consideration is available:

Following this initial consideration, Oldham Council must agree our policies and objectives as soon as possible after, take action and prepare the first formal Biodiversity Report on progress that has been made no later than 1 January 2026, thereafter, being repeated every five years.