Will I need planning permission to establish a new or to extend an existing mineral working, or to use land for the storage, treatment or disposal of waste?

The answer to this will almost certainly be 'yes' - remember that these types of operation constitute 'development', as defined by planning legislation, just as much as the construction of new buildings or any other change in the use of land or buildings. In the first instance, you are strongly advised to contact the Planning Administration Team in Planning Services (tel. no. 0161 770 4105), for advice on the procedures that will need to be followed. In addition to the 'standard' planning application form, supplementary Part 5 (in the case of minerals development) and Part 6 (in the case of waste related development) forms will need to be completed, which ask for further detailed information on the nature of the proposed development. In the case of certain major proposals, an Environmental Statement may be required, in accordance with the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (England and Wales) Regulations 1999.

Whilst there are certain very limited exceptions to the need to obtain express planning consent for all waste-related development; for instance, in the case of small-scale deposits of waste on agricultural land, strict criteria apply and anyone contemplating this type of operation should contact the department first to obtain the necessary guidance. The safest course of action would be to assume that any such proposal would require consent. It is important to bear in mind that 'waste' is defined from the producer's standpoint, and that materials which may eventually be put to productive further use are likely to be considered to constitute waste when first brought on to a site.

In addition to the securing of planning consent, the operation of a waste management, treatment or disposal facility will normally require the issuing of a Waste Management Licence (soon to be replaced by a Permit under the Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) Regulations 2000) from the Environment Agency. All applicants are strongly advised to contact the Agency's local office at Warrington (tel. no. 01925 840000) to discuss current requirements.