1. Council Tax discount for students

Full time students enrolled on one of the following courses at a prescribed educational establishment may be entitled to a discount or exemption:

  • A course that lasts at least one academic or calendar year and which requires you to undertake at least 21 hours per week of study, tuition or work experience, or

  • A course that is not higher education, which lasts for more than 3 calendar months and requires you to undertake more than 12 hours of study, (you must be under 20 if on this type of course).

Apply for a Council Tax discount for students

You will be required to upload a copy of the student certificate from the college/university to complete this form.

If only students live at the address, you may be eligible for an exemption (so there will be no Council Tax to pay at all).

If there is one student living at the address with another person who is not a student, a 25% discount may be awarded.

If there are two people who are not students living at the address, no discount can be granted at all.