The Council receives a Settlement Funding Assessment (SFA) from Government which comprises Business Rate Top Up Grant, together with the Government’s assessment of the level of Business Rates income to be retained by the Council.  The SFA for 2017/18 is £108.273m:

Settlement Funding Assessment 2017/18 £000
Business Rates Top Up (Funded from Central Government) 54,747
Government Assessed Locally Retained Business Rates 53,526
Total Settlement Funding Assessment 108,273

The Council’s budget forecasts collecting and retaining £50.646m of Business Rates revenue during 2017/18. Although this is £2.880m lower than the Government’s assessment, the difference is more than covered by the receipt of additional Government Grant paid in lieu of Business Rates totalling £5.271m.

In addition to the funding from Central Government, the Council also receives a number of other General Government grants which support its 2017/18 revenue budget. These are:

Government Grant £000 £000
Grants in lieu of Business Rates   5,271
Education Services Grant   774
New Homes Bonus   2,641
New Homes Bonus Returned Funding   143
Housing Benefit Administration Grant   891
Council Tax Administration Grant   403
Independent Living Fund (ILF) Grant   2,748
Improved Better Care Fund Grant   716
Adult Social Care Support Grant   1,127
Other Non Ringfenced Government Grants    
Special Educational Needs and Disability Grant 203  
Implementation of Universal Credit 283  
New Burdens - Department for Work and Pensions 10  
Lead Local Flood Authority 10  
Total General Government Grants 15,220

Subsequent to setting the Council’s 2017/18 budget the Chancellor, as part of the Spring Budget, has announced an additional £2bn of funding allocated to Social Care in England over the next 3 years with £1bn available in 2017/18. The Government has confirmed allocations for Oldham Council of £5.095m for 2017/18, £3.201m for 2018/19 and £1.586m for 2019/20. The Council is now considering how best to deploy these resources to support the provision of Adult Social Care services.