You must tell the Council as soon as possible when you move home so you pay the right amount of Council Tax.

Report a change of address

Information you need to provide

  • Your Council Tax reference number
  • Date of move
  • Your new address/Forwarding address
  • The name of the new responsible person, with their contact details (if known)

If you are moving from one Oldham address to another

Once you've told us, we'll close your old account and send you a bill for anything you still owe.

If you have overpaid we can transfer the credit to the account for your new address.

Your new bill will tell you what your new instalments will be.

If you are moving into Oldham

We charge you from the date you moved into your new home. 

Your old council will charge you up to the date you left their area.

If you are moving out of Oldham

We charge you up to the date you moved out.

If you still own or hold a tenancy on the property you have moved out of, you will still be liable to pay the Council Tax empty charge.

Your new council will charge you from the day you move into their area.

If you are a landlord

You must tell the council when a new tenant moves in or out of your property.

Report a change in tenancy