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Further information

The Oldham Plan - Our Future Oldham - sets out Oldham Council’s ambitious vision for the future of the borough, and how we plan on making Oldham a place that uplifts every resident. 

This plan establishes our shared aspirations for people living here, across education, work, our neighbourhoods, and communities. 

The plan includes: 

  • Who we are 
  • What we know about the future 
  • What residents want 
  • Our aim to uplift every resident 
  • How we’ll make that happen 

We have set ourselves a target for 2030. By this time, our aim is that every resident in Oldham will have: 

  • A well-rounded, enriching, lifelong education
  • The opportunity to get a decent job that pays well and offers security and flexibility 
  • Quick, cheap, and easy transport to every part of the city region
  • A home that is affordable, well-maintained, and appropriate 
  • Timely access to vital services to keep people healthy and safe 
  • A clean, green, and healthy environment 
  • Diverse opportunities to get together, with regular activities to boost physical health, mental health and community spirt. 
  • A local area that meets peoples needs and makes them proud

We have forged this vision following extensive consultation with residents, businesses, community groups and partner organisations across the borough.