Fairness statement | Fairness statement | Oldham Council

The Fairness Statement sets out the overall objective of achieving an Oldham which is fairer and a more equitable place for all.

Fairness Statement

Oldham is home to a diverse range of people. This diversity is a strength, to be valued and promoted.

However, some people in the borough experience disadvantage.

Disadvantage can affect any local community, and we recognise that some individuals experience a range of disadvantages as a result of who they are and the attitudes of others.

We will aim to address disadvantage and discrimination wherever they are found, in order to make Oldham a fairer and more equitable place for all.

We want to reduce inequalities that exist in all areas including: health and wellbeing, economic prosperity, education, service access and delivery, and overall levels of customer satisfaction.

We will also work with our partners to promote good equality practice to ensure that services are being fairly delivered to everyone.

The Council has a variety of roles to play in achieving this ambition - as a service provider, a procurer and a commissioner of services and an employer.

We will champion fairness and equality of opportunity, challenge all forms of discrimination and harassment, and contribute to making Oldham a place where people live together safely in peace, respect and friendship.

How will we achieve our aims?

In order to achieve the aims of the Fairness Statement, we will focus on...

Customer service

We will provide high quality services that are customer focused.

These services will be accessible, sensitive and responsive to the diverse needs of Oldham’s individuals, families and communities.

Service design

We will deliver services designed through community involvement, consultation and research enabling us to deliver services that meet the needs of our citizens.

Procurement and commissioning

As a major procurer and commissioner of services, we will ensure that we provide fair and equitable opportunities for a range of organisations to bid for our contracts.

We will influence organisations to promote equality of opportunity and to recognise the diverse needs of their customers and employees.

Being an employer of choice

We aim to be an employer of choice by engaging in fair and open recruitment processes.

We will encourage applications from all communities across the borough.

Workforce diversity

We will create a workforce that better represents the diversity of our population.

And we will respond to the diverse needs of our employees and eliminate unlawful discrimination in order to be recognised as an employer of choice for all our communities.