Oldham Council publishes details of all purchases made from suppliers costing more than £500.

The information shows purchases from suppliers but sensitive payments to individuals (such as those to foster carers) do not show personal details.

Current records

The data has been prepared according to government guidelines.

Request more details

If you wish to find out more detail about an item of expenditure you should submit a Freedom of Information request.

Compliance with the National Transparency Agenda

The continued compliance with the National Transparency Agenda has increased the risk of the Council to a future fraud, as information included in the public domain and obtained from Freedom of Information Requests is used to exploit the Council. 

In accordance with the Council’s Counter Fraud, Anti-Bribery Strategy and Counter Fraud Response Plan, and the requirement to comply with the Local Government Transparency Code (2015), from April 2018 a revision has been made to the information disclosed as part of the Over £500 Council spend records.   

Information that must be presented is set out below. The Council fully complies with this requirement.

Expenditure exceeding £500

Local authorities must publish details of each individual item of expenditure that exceeds £500. This includes items of expenditure, consistent with Local Government Association guidance, such as:

  • Individual invoices 
  • Grant payments 
  • Expense payments 
  • Payments for goods and services
  • Grants 
  • Grant in aid 
  • Rent 
  • Credit notes over £500, and
  • Transactions with other public bodies.

For each individual item of expenditure, the following information must be published:

  • Date the expenditure was incurred
  • Local authority department which incurred the expenditure
  • Beneficiary 
  • Summary of the purpose of the expenditure
  • Amount
  • Value Added Tax that cannot be recovered, and
  • Merchant category (e.g. computers, software etc.)