If you care about the area that you live or work in and the issues facing local people, why not think about becoming a councillor?

Councillors are the democratically elected and accountable representatives for their local area (ward) and are members of the Council responsible for the governance of Oldham.

Councillors represent the Council to the community, and the community to the council.

Further guidance for candidates and information on the electoral cycle is available on the Electoral Commission website:

Councillors' role


Councillors have a number of responsibilities including:

  • Representing the ward for which they are elected, including meeting and consulting with residents and raising questions to the council on their behalf.
  • Making decisions and influencing council policy at a range of forums including Full Council, Committees and Advisory Panels.
  • Community leadership and engagement, such as campaigning on local issues, and encouraging citizen involvement in decision making.
  • Representing the council and acting as an advocate for Oldham on external bodies at sub-regional, regional and national level and reporting back to the council.

Councillor survey

The Councillors’ Survey asked Councillors a range of questions about:

  • Their experiences
  • The range of work
  • Training, development and support needs

If you are interested in becoming a Councillor, the survey results could be of interest: