Chief Executive and Executive Management Team | Chief Executive and Executive Management Team | Oldham Council

Chief Executive

The Chief Executive has overall responsibility for Council employees, and operates in conjunction with department heads.

Our Chief Executive is Harry Catherall.

Harry has had a 40-year career in local government – starting as a 16-year-old apprentice and rising to Chief Executive. 

A trained accountant, Harry has undertaken a wide range of roles including leading high-performing children and adults social care services.

He has an impressive track record of delivery including overseeing large-scale public service improvement programmes. 

Executive Management Team

The Executive Management Team comprises Oldham Council’s most senior officers.

EMT provides managerial leadership of the Council and supports Elected Members of the Council in:

  • Developing strategies
  • Identifying and planning resources
  • Delivering plans
  • Reviewing the Authority’s effectiveness with the overall objective of delivering a co-operative future where everyone does their bit to create a confident and ambitious borough

The team works together to achieve the most effective services possible for the Borough’s diverse communities.

It also ensures that Oldham plays a full part in national, regional and sub-regional activities.

EMT Members

  • Chief Executive – Harry Catherall
  • Deputy Chief Executive People – Sayyed Osman
  • Assistant Chief Executive – Shelley Kipling
  • Deputy Chief Executive Place – Emma Barton