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Overview and scrutiny means keeping an eye on what the decision makers are doing, and ensuring that an open and transparent process has taken place.

How does overview and scrutiny work?

Anyone can suggest an issue to be scrutinised.

The issue could be a council service or an issue which you feel the council should take a lead in improving.

A prioritisation framework is used by Councillors to decide and rank in order the issues that are considered to be most in need of scrutiny.

Issues are considered by committees that meet every six weeks - the Overview & Scrutiny Board (scrutinising issues such as regeneration & employment, education matters, crime and disorder and health issues), and the Performance & Value for Money Select Committee that makes sure Council services are value for money.You can find out more about how scrutiny works on the Centre for Public Scrutiny website.

Minutes, agendas and members

Oldham's committee members are also on the following committees: