The Mayor is accountable to, and represents, the people of all 10 boroughs in Greater Manchester. The Mayor of Greater Manchester oversees an economy larger than that of Wales and has one of the largest electoral mandates in the UK.

The Mayor steers the work of Greater Manchester’s Combined Authority, leading on issues such as the economy, transport, police and fire services. 

Responsible for transforming public services and shaping the future of our region, the Mayor represents Greater Manchester people, making the case for our region at the heart of government and on the world stage. 

The Mayor joins Greater Manchester’s Combined Authority as its chair and eleventh member. The leaders of the 10 councils form the Mayor’s Cabinet. The Mayor will also be supported by a Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, and a Deputy Mayor for Economic Growth and Business. 

The job of the Mayor will range from setting budgets and priorities for Greater Manchester’s public services to acting as an ambassador for the region. 

  • The Mayor is responsible for the transport budget our region receives from Government, as well as the future of bus services in Greater Manchester.
  • The Mayor is the public’s voice on policing matters, taking on the responsibilities of the Police and Crime Commissioner. 
  • The Mayor will make strategic decisions about the fire service and set its budget, taking on the responsibilities of the Fire and Rescue Authority.
  • The Mayor is responsible for a £300 million housing investment fund and the creation of a spatial framework for the whole of Greater Manchester. The spatial framework must be approved by the 10 councils. 

The Mayor of Greater Manchester will be able to make some decisions independently, but others will involve consultation and approval of the Mayor’s Cabinet. Some decisions will need unanimous support, others will need a majority.