An area in Crompton Cemetery has now been dedicated to eco-friendly burials.

Residents can now opt for a Green Burial which is designed to sensitively lay to rest someone in a green and friendly way with as little impact on the environment as possible.

The deceased will be buried in a shroud or biodegradable container. 

Where coffins are chosen, they will be environmentally friendly and made of natural materials.  The deceased will not be embalmed, to preserve the natural elements of the area. 

The Green Burial area in Crompton will not identifiable as a traditional graveyard.

There will be no permanent or temporary memorials, and flowers left after the burial but will be removed once they have died.  

The council will ensure the area has a natural look and all reasonable steps will be taken to conserve existing local wildlife, promote biodiversity, and manage the green burial area to sound sustainable and ecological principles.

Before considering natural burial, you and your family need to think very hard about being the best option. Many people find it very difficult not to have a memorial commemorating exactly where a loved one is buried.  

For more information on Green Burials email or call 0161 770 2220.