Civil funeral ceremonies

A civil funeral ceremony is a formal non-religious ceremony. It is a personal ceremony to reflect the private thoughts of the family and friends of the deceased.

The ceremony is appropriate to cremations as well as burials.

Each civil funeral ceremony is unique to the deceased.

The eulogy (delivered by the funeral celebrant or any of the family/friends) forms a major part of the ceremony and is created in partnership with the family.

Where can a civil funeral ceremony be held?

Almost anywhere except a religious building or church.

Who conducts a civil funeral ceremony?

A professional civil funeral celebrant.

Arrange a civil funeral ceremony

To arrange a civil funeral ceremony, contact the Oldham Register Office.  The fee is £135

A civil funeral celebrant will contact you to make the arrangements for a meeting.

The celebrant will explain what’s involved and (with the help of the family and friends) will create an individual ceremony. This is when you decide if you wish to have any favourite music or readings at the ceremony.

Independent funerals

An independent funeral is organised by someone other than a funeral director.

Arrange an independent funeral

For help arranging an independent funeral, please contact the Cemetery Office.


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