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Further information

Market Position Statement

Oldham Council's market position statement contains information and analysis that is useful to providers of adult health and social care and support services in Oldham.

The statement identifies what the future demand for care and support might look like and is a starting point for discussions between the local authority and those who provide services.

It covers:

  • What Oldham looks like - Current and future demographic and service provision
  • The Council’s intentions as a facilitator of care and support for adults
  • The Council’s vision for how services might respond to the changing needs for care and support

Oldham Council wishes to stimulate a diverse market for care and support offering people a real choice of provision. This may come from existing providers, from those who do not currently work in the Council, or from new start-ups.

To achieve a diverse market, the Council recognises that it needs to know how best it can influence, help and support the local care and support market to achieve better outcomes and value.

The market position statement will initiate a new dialogue with care and support providers in the area.

Market position statement from Oldham Council

Fair Cost of Care  

During 2022/23 all councils in England were required by the Department of Health and Social Care to complete a Market Sustainability and Fair Cost of Care Exercise.  

The documents below provide information on how this was carried out and what the rates calculated were (the two Annex B documents). 

It also required an assessment of the current market in Oldham and what plans we have in place to address any areas of concern. 

This is detailed in the Market Sustainability Plan.

Market Sustainability and Fair Cost of Care Exercise

Download the Market Position Statement and checklist