Oldham Cultural Strategy 2022 - 2030 | Oldham Cultural Strategy 2022 - 2030 | Oldham Council

The council and our partners have developed a new strategy aimed at boosting creativity and culture.

The Oldham Cultural Strategy 2022 - 2030 will look to ensure culture, arts and heritage are at the forefront of our vision for the borough.

More than 800 residents, workers, and stakeholders shared their views, and the result is a strategy that clearly sets out a long-term vision of how all the contributors feel culture should be a cornerstone in Oldham.

The new strategy sets out how we can use culture to bring residents of all ages and backgrounds together to help and support them to lead more creative, healthy, happy and prosperous lives.

By strengthening and extending partnerships with education and training providers and the creative industries across the region, we aim to create better pathways and progression for talent and career development.

The strategy also looks at how we can make the most of our existing buildings, facilities, and indoor and outdoor spaces to create a calendar of gigs, exhibitions and performances.

To help us achieve these key objectives we have identified a number of priority areas of work.

These include:

  • Developing a new home for Oldham Coliseum within a multipurpose creative and cultural venue that develops and showcases emerging talent. It will have strong links to creative industries and to other arts development, training and support organisations.
  • Improving the availability and quality of creative workspace and facilities, with a focus on addressing gaps and ensuring spaces are inclusive, affordable, and accessible.
  • Creating a network of successful Oldhamers to act as advocates and ambassadors for the borough
  • Setting up a town center-based accessible collections store, improving access to heritage and cultural resources for all sections of the community.
  • Building a strong, sustainable governance and partnership approach to all aspects of cultural strategy and delivery.
  • Planning a ‘ one-stop-shop ’ model (e.g. a physical and virtual hub with community-based satellites) for supporting and promoting cultural talent and activities.

Please take a look at the Executive Summary of the Oldham Cultural Strategy

If you would like a PDF of the full strategy and report emailed to you, then please contact: