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Curious about the history around you?

Here’s your chance to find out more about Oldham’s past and its people, places and stories. In these family-fun self-guided trails around Oldham Town Centre and Alexandra Park, there’s plenty to discover.

Town Centre Heritage Trail

Crack the clues along the route to unlock incredible stories from the past and solve the mysteries of Oldham Town Centre. 

Find out about the grand buildings along Union Street including the Old Library, spot the elephants and take a trip to the Court House, where criminals were brought to justice in Victorian times. 

Town Centre Trail

Alexandra Park Trail

Do you like puzzles? This fun-packed family trail through Alexandra Park combines mind-twisting clues and fascinating stories for anyone with a sense of adventure.

Spot the bandstand, roar like a lion at the Lion’s Den and check the weather at the Observatory.

As you follow the trail you will meet some fascinating people from Oldham’s past, including Joseph Howarth and Emma the Flower girl.

Alexandra Park Trail

Alex park trail header