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Further information

Blue plaques commemorate interesting historical events and people associated with the borough.

There are no formal criteria for the selection of subjects for plaques although the general principle followed is that the event or person should be eminent and sufficiently famous to be familiar to a succeeding generation. To qualify a person should normally have been deceased for at least 20 years or have passed the centenary of their birth.


If you have any enquiries about blue plaques please contact the planning team. 

No. Subject Location
1 Crompton Local Board 13 Market Street, Shaw
2 Peterloo Massacre, 1819 Civic Centre, Oldham
3 Sir Winston Churchill – MP for Oldham, 1900 Old Town Hall, Oldham
4 Lord Rhodes – industrialist, politician, statesman 3 Valley Cottages, Manchester Road, Greenfield
5 Sir William Walton – composer 93 Werneth Hall Road, Oldham
6 Creation of park during cotton famine and Civil War North Lodge, Alexandra Park, Queens Road, Oldham
7 Annie Kenney – leading suffragette Lees Brook Mill, Lees
8 Helen Bradley – artist 3 Princess Street, Lees
9 Site of Oldham Royal Infirmary Oldham VI Form College, Oldham
10 First Yates’s Wine Lodge 8a, High Street, Oldham
11 Henry Platt – industrial engineer, founder of “Platt’s” The Smithy, Bridge House, Dobcross
12 Ben Brierley – dialect writer 466 Oldham Rd, Failsworth
13 Sebastian de Ferranti – Industrialist Siemens, Manchester Rd, Hollinwood
14 Patrick Steptoe – ‘test tube’ baby pioneer Royal Oldham Hospital, Maternity Unit
15 Joseph Platt – First secretary Northern Rugby Union 11, Queen Street, Oldham
16 Roy Chadwick – aeroplane designer (Lancaster Bomber) British Aerospace, Chadderton
17 Incorporation as a Borough, 1849 Old Town Hall, Oldham
18 John Bunting – largest individual mill owner in Lancashire 115 Union Street, Oldham
19 John Lees – originator of fish and chips Market Hall, Albion Street, Oldham
20 Bradbury Sewing Machines Park Road, nr King Street roundabout, Oldham
21 James Dronsfield – Industrialist Ashton Road, Oldham
22 First cotton mill in area Mill Brow Street, Royton
23 Coin Controls – world leader in transaction automation New Coin Street, Royton
24 Lydia Becker – suffragist Foxdenton Hall, Chadderton
25 Dame Sarah Lees – suffragist, philanthropist, Mayor of Oldham County Borough Werneth Park, Werneth
26 Bishop Wheeler Sacred Heart Church, Uppermill
27 Henry Taylor – swimmer and Olympic gold medallist Chadderton Swimming Stadium
28 Site of Royton Hall Hall Street, Royton
29 Oldham’s Victoria Cross Holders 11, Church Terrace, Oldham
30 Sir Philip Sidney Stott – Lancashire’s famous mill architect Chadderton Central Library
31 Joseph Burgess – founder of the Independent Labour Party 64a, Old Road, Failsworth
32 Terry Hall – ventriloquist and creator of ‘Lenny the Lion’ Middleton Road, Chadderton
33 Watersheddings Rugby Ground Junction of Ripponden Road/ Counthill Road, Watersheddings
34 Water Street – part of ancient route Manchester Chambers, George Street, Oldham
35 Eric Sykes – comedian 36 St Hilda’s Drive, Oldham