Online payment help | Make a payment | Oldham Council

2. Online payment help

1. Select the item you wish to pay

2. Account number/Invoice number

Your account number is your reference number, which you will be able to find on your payment bill.

Your invoice number is shown on your bill or letter as ‘Invoice Number’

3. Account Name

Your account name is the name of the person that appears above the postal address on the payment bill.

The account name must be entered exactly how the name appears on the bill e.g. Mr B P Jones, or Mr and Mrs B P Jones. If two names appear on the bill e.g. Mr B P Jones and Miss S S Smith, please enter the first name only.

4. Address

Enter the first line of address as it appears on your payment bill.

5. Post code

The postcode of the person for whom the bill is to be paid. No spacing between digits is necessary.

6. Amount

Enter the amount to be paid in pounds and pence.

Enter the number of pounds in the first box and then select the second box to enter the pence.

You do not need to enter the decimal point.

7. Select ‘continue’

If this is all you wish to pay select ‘continue’ again.

If you want to pay another item select ‘To add another item.’

8. Enter card details

Check the amount that you have entered is correct.

If it has been entered incorrectly click the 'Cancel' button to start again.

Card number
Enter your credit or debit card number. The card number is the long number across the centre of the card, this should be entered without any spaces.

Card holder name
Enter the name of the card holder as it appears on your credit or debit card.

Card holder email
Enter your email address if you want to receive confirmation of the payment.

Or you can leave it blank and print the confirmation once you have completed your payment.

Expiry date
Select the month and year from the drop down lists.

Issue number
Switch/Maestro or Solo cardholders enter the issue number as shown on your card. For example, if the number shown is 03 type 03, if the number shown is 3 type 3.

Security code
This is the last 3 digits on the security strip on the back of your card

AVS address
Enter the number(s) of the address where your card is registered, which will be shown on the statement that you receive from your bank/building society. For example, if the address is 'Flat 7, 32 Broad Street' you would enter 732.

AVS postcode
Enter the postcode of the address that the card is registered to

9. Check all the details are correct

If correct select ‘make a payment’. If your card is password protected you will be asked for your password, enter this and you will then be given an authorisation code.

If your card is not password protected you will be given an authorisation code.

If any details are incorrect select ’back’ to amend details.