A Self-Funding guide for my care and support | A Self-Funding guide for my care and support | Oldham Council


We complete a care plan and support assessment to establish the extent of your needs and then consider if you are eligible for care and support.  

If you are not eligible, or following the financial assessment you have the means to pay the full cost of your care, you will be considered a ‘self-funder’.

Financial assessment details explained: 

If you do not wish to approach adult social care for services this will be classed as self-funding your own care and support. 

How do I know if I qualify for means tested support?

We complete a financial assessment to work out if you should pay for any care and support you need.  

If you have savings over £23,250 (set by the Government) or have more in capital, savings, or assets, you will not qualify for support and will be classed as a self-funder.

Help from the Council

As a self-funder, you are still entitled to apply for an assessment of your care and support needs. Together, we will look at your specific needs and identify services which can help you. We can also conduct a financial assessment to see if you are eligible for any council funded care and support services, or are likely to become eligible in future. 

Charges for services

After your assessment, if you require non-residential care i.e. home care, you will have a choice about how you want to purchase your care and support services. You can do this yourself or if you are going to receive services at home or in the community you may ask us to arrange these services for you. 

If you ask us to arrange your care and support services there will be an initial arrangement fee of £37 of which you will be invoiced for this cost at the start of your services, and then an annual arrangement fee of £59.80 invoiced at £4.60 every 4 weeks. 

The benefit of asking the Council to purchase your care for you is that we will manage the contractual arrangements with the provider on your behalf and you are able to access services at our commissioned cost. These costs may be lower than when you purchase the care directly from the provider. 


If you would like further information please contact the Client Finance Team: