Many children experience difficulties with their sleep which can mean from time to time, children may have difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep.

Parents and carers who struggle to manage their child’s sleep also say it often affects their own wellbeing too.

We know that children with additional needs and disabilities are more likely to experience problems with sleep. However, supporting your child with proven strategies and techniques can really make a difference, meaning they are much more likely to sleep better.

By accessing the resources you can learn how to help your child sleep well from their early years through to adolescence.  

Safe Sleep Advice for Babies and Toddlers

Advice, information and top tips are available for parents to help you keep your babies and toddlers safe whilst they sleep:

MindEd for Families

MindEd for Families is intended to support parents and those caring for children and young people in their family when they are concerned about a young person’s mental health or well-being.

Contact a Family

Support for families whose child does not sleep well, because this can affect the whole family.

Royal Society for Public Health

The Sleep Geek - understanding sleep e-learning session: Don't hit snooze on your health

Family Fund helping disabled children - Tired out

Find out how food and diet, sleep diaries and much more can improve your child's sleep patterns.

The Sleep Council

Our vision is to raise the profile of sleep as a major factor for health and wellbeing and to be recognised as the third pillar of good health alongside diet and exercise.

The children's sleep charity

We understand how difficult life can be when your child has a sleep issue. Our aim is to support families to get a better night’s sleep by offering workshops, clinics and written materials.

Together Trust

Many children with autism have poor sleep patterns. The autism sleep clinic is here to help

Autism sleep clinics are for parent and carers in the North West